Stepping Into Traffic

Published by  R esource Links Magazine Editor: Victoria Pennell

Published by
Resource Links Magazine
Editor: Victoria Pennell

E for Excellent, enduring, everyone should see it!”

October 2016 Book Selection

"All teens who read this book should give their parents a hug.  Stepping into Traffic does an exceptional job of showing how the loss of living parents can damage a life.

Sebastian's story is a clear demonstration of how circumstances can turn a good kid into a 'juvenile delinquent'.  This book should make every reader think of his or her role to hlep those with a less advantaged upbringing"

Patricia Jermey

Manitoba Library Association Recommended 

"Despite the sometimes overly-earnest tone, Stepping into Traffic is an enjoyable and fast-moving read. Students will appreciate the unflinching portrayal of drug- and alcohol-fueled “party life” and will relate to Seb’s inability to trust adults until they prove worthy. The story helps us understand the thinking of a teen who “messes up” and gives an often-needed perspective on the conflict between the need to be loved and the urge to push everyone away. "

                                                                                               Recommended      3* /4

                                                                                 Wendy Phillips



Published by  T he Battlefords News-Optimist   By: Leslie Vermeer

Published by
The Battlefords News-Optimist

By: Leslie Vermeer

Book Picks

"If you’re looking for a new book to get teens back into the habit of reading for pleasure, you won’t go wrong with Stepping into Traffic by K.J. Rankin. Published by Saskatoon’s Thistledown Press, Stepping into Traffic is a sensitive young-adult novel about bad choices and second chances.

Stepping into Traffic is a young adult novel presented with a  fresh point of view and a compassionate theme. It would make a great addition to home libraries and will likely be a popular choice in school and class libraries"


Loretta gives Stepping 4*/5

Highlighted on Mabel's Fables "Raves & Faves" Review List

"It must be difficult writing about a boy who is so lost that his friends are able to convince him that crime and drugs are his best option. But author KJ Rankin seems to make this flow."